How To Find Life Insurance With Anemia [7 Steps with Pictures!]

Why Do People Suffer With Anemia?

There are many reasons a person develops anemia, but the great thing about this disease is that it’s not permanent in most cases. The most common reason people develop anemia is that they’re deficient in iron. Low levels of iron tend to happen because:

  • Bad diet – not consuming enough iron-filled foods
  • Infection
  • Pregnancy/child birth
  • Colon cancer/polyps/ulcers
  • Recent surgery
  • Uterine fibroids

If you’re vitamin deficient, you could also develop anemia. If your body doesn’t have enough B12 vitamin, it can’t process iron. Folic acid is also necessary to produce red blood cells.

If your body is unable to absorb vitamins properly, anemia is usually the end result. It’s not uncommon for the absorption issue be due to vitamins, as your body may be unable to process syrups or tablets. After several months of following a healthy, balanced diet, you may no longer have this absorption issue.

Anemia deals with the blood, and it’s generally a symptom of another health problem or a symptom for some blood disease like sickle cell anemia.

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