MetLife Insurance Company Review 2022 [Still a Top 10 Company?]

1. MetLife for Health Conditions

Certain companies are better than others when it comes to specific risk factors. Not all companies look at your the same. Some companies are better if you’re overweight, use tobacco, or have a preexisting health condition.

Medical conditions

These are a few of the situations where MetLife is better than the competition. It’s important to note that you’ll still need to go through underwriting before you find out what you’re approved at. However, MetLife has shown that on average, they’re better for the above risk factors.

2. active military service members

For military service members, MetLife is one of the two “go to companies.” When it comes to life insurance for active members of the military – we often recommend MetLife and Prudential. MetLife provides coverage even if you have deployment papers. Most life insurance companies will deny you if you’re active duty, but MetLife has a great history of approving military members.

3. Marijuana Users

For pot users, MetLife is often times more lenient compared to other carriers. For example, MetLife will not automatically assign a tobacco-user rate for applications showing marijuana use. Most life insurance companies do the opposite.

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