Progressive Life Insurance Reviews [Top 3 reasons to WORRY!]

There are many advantages for the type of life insurance they provide their clients.  Progressive serves as an entryway for the company and offers support through their website.

Get Quotes 7 Days A Week, 24-Hours A Day:

Because Progressive’s site is available 7 days a week, 24-hours a day, you can shop online for life insurance at your convenience and get a quote for your life insurance any time day or night.

They Offer Comparison Quotes:

Efinancial will give you quotes from 12 different insurance companies so you can compare one from another which is similar to Progressive’s comparisons for car insurance.  You will get quotes from companies nationwide to help you decide which life insurance policy offers the best rates and is best for your needs.

24/7 Customer Service:

Through Progressive’s website, you can be in contact with their customer service to help with your quote or ask questions about the policy you are looking into.  Their customer service is quick to respond and is highly educated to answer all your questions and explain all the different levels of benefits that they provide.

eFinancial’s Excellent Track Record:

They are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which may help with any concerns that their company will go bankrupt. They also have an excellent track record for taking care of customer complaints and resolving numerous situations.   They have only a handful of complaints that have been filed since they were founded in 2000.

Sound Guidance

We do believe you will get guidance on their website regarding how much life insurance you should get and what benefits would be good for you, compared to other coverage you may or may not have at this time.  The information you will receive might allow you to select a lower level of benefits in order to pay less for your premium.  That actually is something that many insurance companies do not offer.

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