Transamerica Life Insurance Company 2022 Review

Transamerica Term Life

Transamerica’s term life insurance comes in 3 types: a return of premium term policy, a no medical exam term policy with a face amount maximum of $249,999, and a general completely underwritten term life insurance policy with terms of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years.

Transamerica Trendsetter Series provides basic premium term products.

The three initial products are Trendsetter Express, Trendsetter Super, and Trendsetter Living Benefits.

The trio of these products provides non-medical exam underwriting choices for specific face amounts (to a maximum of $99,999 for Super, and $249,999 for LB and Express).

The face amounts range from $25,000 and up. At no extra cost, each of them provides a terminal illness rider (where it is applicable). That said, Trendsetter LB provides extra living benefit coverage which is extremely important for some buyers.

The living benefits life insurance may be most beneficial since it shields the insured in both life and death.

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