Understanding AICPA Life Insurance Trust Refunds [Know Your Risks!]

Understanding AICPA Life Insurance Trust Refunds [Final thoughts]

When using the AICPA Trust- members get a access to a solid insurance options, products and rates that are fair. Their life insurance policies are backed by Prudential Life. The Prudential Life Insurance Company is a financially stable and strong carrier.

When you’re an AICPA member, you’re optimistic about your annual refund check. However, when you’re a CPA- you’re usually trying to find easy ways to save money. At Life Insurance Blog, we always feel that comparison shopping is one the biggest ways to save money. Each shopper is unique and so is each life insurance company. Even when you factor in your annual refund check – shopping on the individual market will usually save you money. 

Always remember that rates are not guaranteed and you’re “providing a loan” to the AICPA Trust via your premium contributions. This method allows the Trust to earn interest. Are you comfortable with that arrangement?

Your refunds are also not guaranteed and needs to be factored into your decision. You need to know that your policy is a long term purchase. More than likely – the longer you have your life insurance policy- the greater the chance of a rate increase or a refund decrease.

It’s pretty clear that the Trust Refund from AICPA is a big part of the life insurance policies that they offer to their members. This post was hopefully helpful in providing information on their Trust Refund. Now you can really assess your life insurance choices to see what makes sense for you.

How should I shop for life insurance?

At Life Insurance Blog, our focus is to deliver you the best life insurance options. We help shoppers like you find an affordable life insurance policy with the best life insurance companies. We have saved shoppers thousands of dollars over the life of their policies, and we look forward to helping you as well. 

Please contact us if you need any help comparing life insurance companies. You can also run instant life insurance quotes for free here.

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