What to do when someone dies

What to Do When A Loved one Dies?

As the direct family member or friend, you have to obtain a death certificate. In most states, it can be taken by anyone, regardless of the requester’s relationship to the deceased.

However, in some jurisdictions, the only people who can get copies of the deceased death certificate are the surviving spouse, children, parents, and a legal representative. 

Then, if the deceased had a life insurance policy, call the life insurance policy company.

You have to contact the beneficiary of the policy holder so he/she can start processing the death certificate submission, release you the policy payout information, and allocate finances for the funeral and burial expenses

Also, notify the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you made funeral arrangements with a funeral home, the funeral staff will usually contact the local SSA branch for you.

Otherwise, you need to notify the SSA on your own. This isn’t mandatory, though. But if you’re the surviving spouse, beneficiary or dependent, contacting the SSA is the only way to be eligible in acquiring the security benefits left by the deceased. 

More importantly, enlist the important bills, such as mortgage payments, of your loved ones. Submit the list to the estate executor so that bills can be paid right away. 

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