Buy Life Insurance after Having an Aneurysm [7 Steps with Pictures!]

The key risks related to an aneurysm

Life insurance agencies always assess risks.  Your aneurysm is simply a different type of risk. You’re in danger of your aneurysm bursting or hemorrhaging when you’ve got an aneurysm. This is really dangerous if not found out quickly – it may even be life threatening.

There is a variety of aneurysms, all with distinct risks. Life insurances agencies will treat each kind of aneurysm separately.

  • Cerebral Aneurysm- A brain aneurysm.
  • Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm- An aneurysm that’s found in the chest.
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm- An aneurysm in or close to the pelvis or abdominal region.

If I’ve had an aneurysm before, will I qualify for life insurance?

Although having an aneurysm is a very difficult experience, getting life insurance should not be so. It doesn’t mean you will be disqualified for life insurance when you have had an aneurysm before. 

The great news is the fact that lots of people that have had an aneurysm previously can be eligible for a regular coverage. Your life insurance company will probably ask you several questions to find out the present risk factor of your aneurysm. Some of these questions could be:

  • When did you first find out you had an aneurysm?
  • How long have you lived with an aneurysm?
  • Did your aneurysm ever rupture?
  • Was your past aneurysm operable?
  • Are there any other health problems associated with your aneurysm?
  • Have you had check-up evaluations in the past one year? If so, what were the results?
  • What does your doctor say about your present health?


A life insurance underwriter will select whether to underwrite and offer a life insurance plan after finding out additional information regarding your present medical state.

Like most medical conditions, an aneurysm may be viewed as typical, moderate, or serious. If you had a minor aneurysm in the past, was detected early and operable, and now you’ve been better for more than one year, then you certainly have an excellent possibility of qualifying for standard life insurance. As can be seen with most factors, you may not be disqualified just because you have an aneurysm, however a mixture of other things could. For instance, if your aneurysm resulted in a stroke, then you definitely have a more difficult time when applying for life insurance.

With a lot of things in your medical history, the longer in the past your aneurysm happened (and you have been otherwise healthy), the better your chances of qualifying for life insurance. The more time lapse between when you make an application for life insurance, and when you had an aneurysm, then the more time you have to show that you’re healthy and out of the danger zone.

I just had an aneurysm, what do I do now?

Having an aneurysm can be close encounter with death. After surviving such an affliction, the uncertainties of what could have happened can have you considering life insurance for the very first time. Purchasing life insurance after an aneurysm is a responsible and smart choice. Nevertheless, it might not be the best time to apply as you’re now considered a high risk. However, waiting to apply is not a good option- after all, you need to have life insurance coverage now!

So what is the alternative? For the time being, you might want to think about obtaining a Final Expense life insurance plan that will not need information about your medical history. The benefit amount will not be a full as much as an underwritten policy, but nonetheless you’ll be ensuring your loved ones are taken care of should another unforeseen event happen. 

Purchasing Life Insurance after Having an Aneurysm

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