Costco Life Insurance Review | 3 Reasons to Stay Clear Video

Costco Life Insurance

Costco Wholesale is one of the most popular retailers in the United States and is known for it’s required memberships, bulk purchases, and low, low prices.  Costco has now ventured out into the life insurance business as well, so we are going to delve into their products, financials, history, and ratings to see if this is the life insurance for you.

costco life insurance reviewIn reality, Costco decided to form a partnership with Protective Life Insurance to add value, stability and financial security for their life insurance.  That said, will they be able to provide an inexpensive life insurance product for their members?  Technically, we will have to review the product that Protective Life Insurance offers through Costco in order to know how this all works.

The Protective Life Insurance Company has been around for over 110 years, provides insurance policies to all states in the U.S., and has over seven million active policies to date.  They pay out over two billion claims to beneficiaries every year which is very impressive.  That said, now that they are in partnership with Costco,  how will their numbers stack up against the best life insurance insurance companies across the country?

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