Least Expensive Life Insurance for 46 Year Old in 2022!

#1: Consider a no exam life insurance policy

This tip is for those of us who don’t go to their doctor regularly. Typically, in the event that you haven’t had a physical in the previous year or more, a Non Med life insurance policy can be appropriate. Time and time again, we work with people who opt to take a medical exam who haven’t been to the doctor in some time. They run the risk of having something occur that will increase their health class rating which increases their premium amount.

We are referring to: hypertension, elevated cholesterol, or an increase in glucose levels leading to diabetes.

Most life insurance policies (not all) are going to require an exam which is paid for by the insurance agency. The medical exam is very similar to an annual physical with your doctor. This life insurance exam will help the insurance agency figure out what sort of risk, if any, that you pose. This data will be used to figure out what rate you will get. It will also determine if the company will even offer you a policy. 

Which is the reason Non Medical Exam policies are attractive and a great opportunity in case you’re not certain what a medical exam results will bring. It’s ultimately your decision on which type of policy is right for you.

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