Mass Mutual Term Life Insurance Review

Mass Mutual Rates are Expensive

We work with over 60 of the highest rated insurance companies in the USA and are familiar with the policies of a lot more. When it comes to Mass Mutual’s rates, they just don’t measure up to the competition when it comes to affordability. To put it all into perspective, let’s look at an example based on a real-life scenario:

Let’s say Rose is a 40-year-old woman seeking a $500,000, 20-year term life insurance policy. She is in great health and is a nonsmoker, so she qualifies for Preferred Plus rates.

Here are what she’s likely to be offered from some of the top companies, including Mass Mutual:

As you can see, Mass Mutual is a lot more expensive. In fact, “Rose” could end up saving around $110 every year if she opts to go with another company. At the end of the 20-year term, she would end up saving $2,200.

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