Medical Marijuana Life Insurance with Prudential

Why Prudential?

Long story short, Prudential tends to offer the lowest rates for marijuana users. This is because, unlike their competitors, Prudential does not view cannabis users as akin to regular smokers. See, regular smokers are charged tobacco rates, which are often two to four times higher than those for non-tobacco users.

Instead, Prudential views different kinds of smokers differently, and if you smoke marijuana it is possible for you to qualify for the lower non-smoker rates as long as you are open about it and admit your use of it. 

Basically, Prudential views medicinal marijuana as just an alternative kind of medical treatment. That’s why they’re one of the best term life companies in the market.

On a side note, if you use other forms of tobacco besides cigarettes, you may also be able to qualify for non-smoker rates with Prudential.

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