Minnesota Life Insurance Company Review

Where Minnesota Life Struggles

Minnesota Life is a terrific organization.

There isn’t really anything negative to stay about them. That said, one facet that can use improvement is their no exam life insurance policy.

For lower face amounts, the company does provide express underwriting. However, you’ll need to look into another provider if you require coverage that exceeds $200,000.

Not everyone has to shop for the positives of a no medical exam, as opposed to completely underwritten life insurance.

That said, anyone who is considering getting coverage and hasn’t had a recent health exam…

… can be protected with no exam coverage.

You don’t want to take an exam and learn that you have elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, or diabetes.

Rather, take the exam after you get the no exam policy in place.

If the exam policy is returned to you with an improved rate, you can easily start a life insurance replacement. In other words replace the exam policy with the no exam policy.

Keep in mind that if your exam policy comes back declined or at a higher premium, you can just keep the no exam coverage.

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