$25,000 Term Life Insurance | 2021 Rates + Top 2 Companies

Fidelity Term Life Insurance

This is another option for term life insurance, and it is an especially good choice if you want to get life insurance in place quickly. We reviewed the quickest companies for application approvals and Fidelity was one of the fastest. You can read more by heading over to our fast life insurance reviews post.

Transamerica may take weeks, but Fidelity Life will usually look over your application and decide whether or not to approve you within 24 hours.

fast life insurance approvalThis “Rapid Decision Express” insurance coverage from Fidelity offers between $25,000 and $250,000 in death benefits and requires no medical exam.

Instead, it largely just involves you answering a few questions about your health. This is great in that it saves time, but it also means that they are unlikely to approve those with pre-existing health conditions.

These policies are available for people ages 18 through 65, but the term life insurance is good to age 95. The initial term options are available in 10, 15, 20 and 30-year time periods, although the actual term you will be able to get depends on your age. After the term is over, your rate will increase each year through age 94. 

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