Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Reviews

Here are 7 of the most common reasons to purchase a no medical exam life insurance policy. Let’s see if you should consider non medical exam life insurance coverage:

1. If you are very busy and need to secure life insurance quickly.

Sometimes there are situations in life that come up and getting coverage as soon as possible is needed. A no exam life insurance policy is excellent for busy parents who don’t have time due to work, life and family.

2. Perhaps you need it fast for a bank loan.

You may be shopping collateral assignment life insurance. Bank loans may not be issued unless a life insurance policy is assigned to the bank. What if you’re leaving to go on a trip and need life insurance coverage now?

3. You need less than $500,00 in life insurance coverage.

If you are in need of life insurance, consider a non medical exam life insurance policy if you’re in need of $500,000 life insurance (or less). You can always purchase a second life insurance policy if more is needed.

4. You haven’t been to your primary doctor in quite some time.

Getting life insurance when you haven’t seen your doctor in years can sometimes lengthen the underwriting timeframe. If you don’t go to your doctor for annual checkups, a no medical exam life insurance policy might be the best strategy.

Your health may or may not be ideal and you could be rolling the dice with a medical exam policy. You might be in excellent health, but then again their could be an underlying health condition that you are unaware of.

5. There is a possibility that your blood levels may be unhealthy in the eyes of the life insurance underwriters.

Perhaps you don’t know if your cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose or other blood factors have changed since your last checkup.

You don’t need to be in great health to qualify for a non medial exam policy. This means you don’t have to be in perfect health, but you do need to be healthy.

Consider buying a no medical exam policy if it has been sometime since your last doctor visit and had lab work done.

6. You don’t like needles and blood.

Many shoppers get so stressed out when even thinking about needles and giving a blood sample.

Save yourself the anxiety and opt for the non medical life insurance option.

7. Paying a little more is not a factor.

The convenience and speed of the non medical exam option is a major reason for buying.

The cost difference has become much more competitive due to more companies offering no exam life insurance. This is actually bringing the costs down.

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