Can You Get Life Insurance While Pregnant [Top 10 Dangerous Risks]

buying life insurance while pregnant

Applying and getting insurance while pregnant is the same as almost any situation. It doesn’t matter if your health is perfect or you have some health conditions – your agent will help you from start to finish.

The key is using an independent broker. Here’s why…

An independent broker, or insurance agent has access to multiple companies. Some agents only use 1 company. That means your choices are limited to 1 company and that’s definitely not good.

At LIB…(here comes our shameless self-promotion, but it’s great information. I promise!)

…we use only the best life insurance companies. We also provide you a fast and easy online application. It allows us to review your case and make the best recommendation based on your specific situation.

For example, Prudential might be the best for your friend that’s pregnant, but Banner is the best for you. The best company depends on the specific details of each individual.

>>Important: Underwriting rules are different from every company. That’s why some companies are better than others depending on the specific health details of the case.

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