Does Vaping Affect Life Insurance Rates? | 2022 Rates

How Do You Get the Best Rates?

While we mentioned that many life insurers will classify you as a tobacco user no matter what nicotine products you use.

That means if you’re a cigarette smoker, use chewing tobacco or smoke cigars — you’re going to be paying tobacco rates!

The truth is that even if you use nicotine, but don’t smoke cigarettes — you should be eligible for non-smoker rates!

Prudential offers Standard Plus rates which is possibly the best rating you’ll get as someone who vapes.

So, What’s the Catch, You Say?

When it comes to getting non-smoker rates, you are only eligible if you haven’t touched a cigarette in the past year, or 365 days.

Any other forms of smoking you have to disclose from the beginning as nicotine is routinely tested for during life insurance underwriting.

Just keep in mind that not disclosing a habit or illness to get better rates is considered insurance fraud!

While insurers will most commonly test urine and blood, where nicotine can be detected for up to three weeks and up to 10 days respectively. Other tests that can detect nicotine for longer periods are not so common.

Still, remember that nicotine can be detected for up to one year in your hair, and although these kinds of tests are rare, it’s always good to be prepared.

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