Flat Extra Charges for Life Insurance

How to Shop for Life Insurance

For the most part, you can’t simply call an insurance company, apply online, or request special ratings before being approved.


Because you need to qualify for most life insurance policies.

The best way to shop is to work with an independent insurance agent or insurance agency who can help you get coverage for your specific circumstance.

High-risk life insurance is our specialty – the submission process and determining which business will provide the most optimal rate before applying for coverage.

Fundamentally, this procedure is a negotiation with the life insurance carrier.

We attempt to obtain a policy according to the most optimal health rating you can receive, and if a flat extra is necessary, the cheapest flat extra premiums for the extra risk will be undergone.

Because we have strong connections with insurance underwriters and understand which insurers to speak with for adverse risk cases. We can get the most optimal rates for high-risk life insurance situations, regardless of whether you have (or had) a medical condition, or if you engage in high-risk activities like skydiving, scuba diving, or mountain climbing.

Get Started

The most efficient and quickest way to begin is to get an instant life insurance quote.

Our licensed agents will begin to research and contact company underwriters for you to see who will give you the best chance at affordable coverage. If additional details are needed, we’ll simply reach out to you via email or phone- whichever is most convenient to you. Once we receive all of the replies from the life insurance companies, we’ll present them to you to choose.

Lastly, we’ll help you apply and will update you through the entire application and underwriting process until the final decision is provided. We can even shop your case to make sure it is still the best rate available.

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