GEICO Life Insurance Company Reviews

Who or What is Life Quotes?

Like many life insurance providers, Life Quotes Inc offers instant online access to compare rates from several top insurance companies and you have the ability to apply for coverage online. 

Life Quotes, Inc is located in Illinois and has been in operation since 1984.  They also have announced they now have well-over 350,000 policyholders.  The company seems to be doing well at providing insurance coverage to people online.

It also appears that LifeQuotes is more like a call center instead of an agent or provider. 

We can only mention this from reading other reviews online that have discussed this company as we do not have first-hand knowledge about them.

Now, if this is the case, it should be a concern to someone looking to shop life insurance from either Geico or Life Quotes, Inc.  The reason behind this is call centers are run at a very fast pace with a set amount of quotas that must be met daily.  Call centers work on thousands of leads every day with a set goal to get through all these leads as quickly as possible while meeting their call and sales quotas.

In all reality, if you are healthy and in the market for life insurance, this won’t be a particularly big problem.  On the other hand, if you have any health issues or any other underwriting risks that you are aware of (or unaware of) that will require time and planning, you might want to look somewhere else for insurance.

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