Getting Life Insurance after Cardiac Bypass [15 Top Questions]

Cardiac Bypass Surgery: What Is It?

When a person’s arteries in the heart are clogged, it causes a disruption in the blood flow. And, the only surefire way to correct the problem is to undergo a procedure called cardiac bypass surgery (also called coronary artery bypass graft). The idea is to provide a new way for blood to flow through the body so there’s no clog for it to deal with.

It’s done by rerouting the arteries in the heart or using a leg vein to produce a whole new passageway.

Whenever you have surgery on any major organ like the heart, it causes life insurance companies to be a bit concerned. They need to determine how high your chances are of dying early. Do you have compromised organs that could hinder your ability to live a healthy, long life? Keep in mind that people who’ve had heart bypass surgery do live a healthy, long life afterwards.

And, it’s the reason life insurance companies will still underwrite life insurance policies for people who have had the procedure done.

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