How To Get Life Insurance With Bipolar Disorder [Top 4 Qualifying Tips]

Can I qualify for life insurance with bipolar disorder?

The simple answer to that question- Yes!

In the end, it is the severity of your condition that will determine whether your application for life insurance will be approved or not. How well you have been able to control your condition personally and with medical help will also play an important role.

The insurance underwriter will usually show interest in the following:

  • What is the effect of your current treatment in lessening or removing your symptoms?
  • How long have you put your symptoms under control?
  • Have you been following the orders of your doctor and using your medications accordingly?
  • If working, how is your work history like?

Basically, if you have succeeded in managing your symptoms over a specific period of time and have been living “normally” and actively, a number of life insurance companies will offer you a “normal” life insurance risk.

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