Life Insurance Approval After Gastric Bypass Surgery? [17 Key Tips]

Gastric Bypass 101

There are all kinds of weight loss surgeries available for people to consider.

However, they’re generally recommended for people who are 100 pounds or more overweight. After all, the surgeries are designed to alter their digestive system so they don’t eat nearly as much or be unable to eat as much.

A common surgery done is the gastric bypass (gastric stapling), which decreases the stomach size by dividing it into two sections.

One section is designed just for food – usually only one ounce. This means the chance to overeat is drastically reduced.

The surgeon will then remove some of the small intestine to connect it to the smaller stomach.

This will ensure the body doesn’t absorb a lot of calories. However, when this happens, it causes the body to not take in a lot of nutrients, which could lead to several conditions such as anemia. 

Another thing about the gastric bypass – it’s typically a permanent weight loss solution.

People who decide to do the gastric bypass are far more likely to keep off the weight than people who choose other bariatric surgical methods – lap band surgery, for example.

Since there are so many positive outcomes to the surgery, life insurance companies tend to appreciate this. Still, there are some risks associated with it, and this often concerns them as well.

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