Life Insurance For High Risk Occupations | Top 10 Toughest Jobs!

Life Insurance for High Risk Occupations

So, how do you go about getting approved life insurance for a dangerous occupation?

Every job has a different level of risk, and your terms, premium and exclusions will vary dramatically from one insurance provider to another.

So when you start looking for life insurance, there’s something you should expect…. A ton of questions.

Yep, be prepared to answer all sorts of questions about your job, your responsibilities, and the type of tasks you carry out on any given day.

You will also be asked about your general health and any factors that might impact your ability to carry out your job.

Most of the time, this will be covered in a form you fill out online. But for specialist roles, you may need to have a separate conversation with an insurance agent.

It’s actually in your best interest to do this.

Sure, it takes more time. But it could stop you from falling into a high risk category and paying too much. Or worse, getting denied and not receiving the coverage you really need. 

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