SBLI Life Insurance Company Review [Top 11 Tips]


SBLI sells whole life policies to both children and adults.

With the SBLI whole life insurance for children policy, they can be the recipient of an investment account when they reach a certain age. It tends to shy people away from life insurance policies for children, as they are a bad investment, for the most part.


The more economical choice is term life insurance, as policies can range from 10 to 30 years. An SBLI life insurance term policy is a great choice when looking for the lowest rate. 

The premiums stay the same over that time-frame, and beneficiaries of the insured will get an equal pay-out.

Whole life insurance isn’t restricted to specified terms. Rather, each policy’s duration lasts as long as the premiums are paid for. Because the policy has cash value, the insured can borrow against it, with a portion of each premium payment invested. This permits the policy’s value to increase every year with minimal taxation. (Check out our article on term vs whole life insurance here.)

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