Ulcerative Colitis Life Insurance | 8 Secrets to Qualify

What if I won’t qualify for life insurance with ulcerative colitis?

Sometimes life insurance applicants are denied life insurance.

This is an unfortunate situation for some, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to secure life insurance.

There are cases that people who have ulcerative colitis won’t qualify for a fully underwritten life insurance policy with a medical exam.

You need to know there are other life insurance options available.

The first option is to put in an application for a no medical exam life insurance policy. These policies have simplified underwriting and do not require a medical exam. Depending on the underwriting guidelines of each no exam company life insurance with ulcerative colitis can be possible.

You’ll need to know that a no medical exam life insurance policy will typically be more expensive than a fully underwritten policy. However, the no medical exam option may be your only opportunity for a life insurance policy.

Many of the best life insurance companies now offer no exam life insurance policies. It’s important that your life insurance agent provides you both no exam and traditional life insurance policies to compare before you apply.

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