AICPA Life Insurance Reviews & Savings Tips! [Are you paying too much?]

How to shop for the best policy

Most life insurance shoppers fall into 2 very distinct categories:

  1. The “I will research and do it myself” shopper. -or-
  2. The “I will use a broker to do all the work for me” shopper.

Here’s a quick tip on shopping and buying life insurance:

  1. Rates are the same no matter if you buy direct or from a broker.
  2. There are no hidden “deals” when buying direct from a company. Rates are regulated by each state.
  3. Use an independent agent or you won’t know which company will provide you the best offer –  you won’t know their underwriting criteria or rules.

Use a Life Insurance Broker

It can be a nightmare if you’re not a life insurance broker and you’re shopping for a policy. It’s a pretty crazy process that most people aren’t aware of until they’ve waste a ton of time trying to figure out how to qualify, what options are available and ultimately what it’s going to cost them.

Two people shopping for the same type of policy may get the best price from 2 completely different companies. There are so many underwriting variables that factor in which company to buy from. Your agent will help find the right one based on things such as:

  • Your health
  • Tobacco use
  • Height/Weight
  • Family History
  • Past and Current Health
  • and more

Any one of these factors can change which company will offer your the best or worst rate.

Don’t worry though, Life Insurance Blog can help.

AICPA Life Insurance Reviews

We hope that you have a better understanding of the life insurance options you have with AICPA. Buying life insurance can be pretty overwhelming and complicated when you factor in all the variables that go into getting approved. In short, you’ll probably do much better if you buy a life insurance policy in the individual market and not with AICPA.

This conclusion is based on running a variety of rates and comparing them to different age groups, health class ratings and coverage amounts. We hope you take a little time and compare the rates on our website with AICPA’s. You’ll probably see considerable savings from many of the top life insurance companies available to you.

Final thoughts

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like a complimentary consultation. We look forward to helping you.

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