Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Companies




Policy Name: Provider Universal Life

MetLife Provider Universal Life features:

  • Financial Ratings: A.M. Best (A+). S&P (AA-). Moody’s (Aa3). Fitch (AA-)
  • Minimum Face Amount: $100,000
  • Maximum Face Amount: Over $10,000,000
  • Coverage Lengths: Age 95
  • Issue Ages: From ages 45 through 65 years old

Health Class Ratings: Elite, Preferred, Standard. Non Tobacco and Tobacco classes.

Additional Riders: MetLife Provider UL has several optional riders that provide additional protection, such as the Waiver of Specified Premium Rider and the Acceleration of Death Benefit Rider. The Waiver of Specified Premium (WSP) Rider allows clients to select a specified monthly benefit to be credited as a monthly policy premium if the insured becomes disabled without interruption for at least six months as defined by the contract.4

Acceleration of Death Benefit Rider (ADBR)5 can help cover medical bills or any other expenses while the insured is living with a terminal illness. This rider provides the policy owner access to the greater of $250,000 or 10% of the eligible death benefit proceeds prior to the insured’s death.

Policy Advantages: The Coverage Continuation Benefit is a built-in policy feature that can guarantee the death benefit up to age 95. Premiums can be customized in both amount and duration, all while continuing this important death benefit guarantee.

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