Does Family History Affect Life Insurance? [5 Illnesses That Affect Rates!]

How does family health history affect the cost of life insurance?

Are you considered a high risk life insurance shopper? Life insurance companies and their underwriters look at many factors before they approve your application and rate you. They want to know how much of a risk you are before they offer you a policy.

These underwriters aren’t just looking at your your current (and past) personal health history. Even though that is a major factor in determining if a company will approve you – they’ll want to know details of other underwriting factors.

Family history is just another one of these factors that can affect the cost of life insurance. Some other factors you might be surprised by are:

What the Life Insurance Underwriter Wants To Know

When it comes to family history, life insurance underwriters usually look at two major details:

  1. Did one of your siblings or parents die from a medical condition or genetic disease?
  2. How old were they when they died?

Depending on when your family member died, it can play a major role in how you get rated. Every life insurance company looks at you differently. It can make a big difference if your parent passed away at age 58 or 62 depending on the company.

Another big difference will be what medical condition your family died from.

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