Get Life Insurance with Addison’s Disease [7 Steps with Pictures!]

How Addison’s Disease Sufferers Can Get Affordable Life Insurance Coverage 

Get life insurance with Addisons diseaseDo you suffer with Addison’s disease? If so, then you may have been informed you’re not eligible for life insurance or that you’re eligible but must pay a high rate for the coverage that you cannot afford. So how do you get life insurance with Addisons disease at an affordable rate?

The reason people who have Addison’s disease find that they’re not qualified for coverage is the uncertainty that surrounds the condition. The difference with Addison’s disease compared to other health conditions is that there is no definition of the condition, which is why it’s so hard to determine what the company should do.

If you find yourself in this predicament, then you should know that you can be qualified for reasonable life insurance coverage.

What Is Addison’s Disease & What Will Sufferers Experience?

This disease is an autoimmune disorder, and happens when the body’s immune system is attacking the adrenal glands. The attack is happens typically in the outer parts of the adrenal glands where aldosterone and cortisol are produced.

When people are diagnosed with Addison’s disease, they are at an increased chance for suffering with:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Infections
  • Amyloidosis (odd accumulation of certain proteins in organs)
  • Cancers affecting adrenal glands
  • Damage to the adrenal glands

People who have Addison’s disease have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. If you have Addison’s, you may also have complications that comes from metabolic and electrolyte problems. This could potentially cause comas and other conditions.

How Can A Person Get Life Insurance With Addisons Disease?

Yes, it’s possible to be approved for life insurance. For you, it means doing a little research.  If you have Addison’s disease, the best thing you can do is avoid the larger national insurance brokers who don’t generally want to write “Higher Risk Life Insurance” policies because it doesn’t mold into the life insurance company’s business model.

If you suffer with Addison’s disease, you’ll be considered high risk whether it makes sense or not to you. And, the process of being approved for life insurance is going to be even trickier than other high risk cases. That’s why you want to use an agency that can write up a high risk policy and doesn’t inevitably assume you can’t qualify for whole life insurance or traditional term life insurance.

Your agent will want to get a detailed history of your health specific to Addison’s.  Beware of any agent that does not do this. They will not be able to provide you an accurate quote without specific health information relating to your Addison’s disease.

Once that is accomplished, they will research the best life insurance companies based on your history.  You will have to complete a medical exam before an official rating can be provided to you by the life insurance company’s underwriters.  Standard ratings can be possible if your symptoms are controlled and you have prevented complications from Addison’s disease.  Substandard ratings may still be a possibility even if you’ve had some complications.

What Kind Of Life Insurance Company Should You Go With?

The answer to the above questions is going to be dependent upon your particular individual situation. And, you’ll need to ask a few pointed, direct questions.  The one certainty people have with an Addison’s disease diagnosis is that they have a harder time getting life insurance, which is why it’s so imperative for you to do your research before you apply at any life insurance company.  

You want a life insurance company that welcomes people with Addison’s disease. You want to look out for a number of things when picking from the various life insurance agencies:

Life Insurance Companies for Addison’s Disease

Since you’ll be considered a high risk applicant, you want an agency that works with multiple insurance carriers, not just the common ones. You have a special life insurance policy case, and you don’t want to fall into a one-size fits all policy.  Work with an expert who deals with high risk cases and high risk life insurance.  It will save you not only money, but your time.

Life insurance companies cater to specific “niches” in order to be the top carrier in specific markets. So certain life insurance companies may be better for certain conditions. In other words, there is no best company for Arthritis, Colitis, Cardiomyopathy….or Addison’s Disease. It ultimately comes down to your specific health & lifestyle — and matching it with the company who will offer you the best rate.

Life Insurance Blog works with more than 60 life insurance companies.  You won’t get stuck with only a handful of life insurance companies. You’ll have the best chance possible to secure life insurance at an affordable rate.

Avoid The Call Center!

With Addison’s disease, you must be aware that your application for life insurance is going to be high risk. This means your application will be scrutinized even further and the time it takes for an approval or denial will be a little longer.

Call center agents have to write at least five new policies every day, which means your application is just one of the 1,000 they see every month. Avoid that by working with an agent that will provide the attention on quality, not the quantity.

Don’t simply apply and have a Medical Exam

You already have Addison’s disease, so take your time in applying for insurance. Allow the insurance professional to do a little research.  Your agent needs to send out a multitude of “pre-qualification letters” to various life insurance carriers before they submit applications on your behalf – what kind of risk would you be rated?  This can make a huge difference in time and the amount you’ll pay on your premiums.

If everything has been done right, your medical exam isn’t going to reveal any new surprises. You should feel confident about being approved for the application has been turned in.

What You Should Know About Life Insurance Blog

We know the kind of work that goes into getting a person with a medical condition coverage. We offer reasonable rates, and will work hard to ensure your time is not wasted. With Life Insurance Blog, the goal is to get you and your family a life insurance policy that provides you affordable and reasonable coverage.

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