HIV Life Insurance | 2 Easy Steps for HIV Life Insurance Approvals

How much will life insurance for HIV positive cost?

The exact costs for this product will be determined after you have gone through the underwriting process. It is not guaranteed that you will qualify for coverage.

However, when life insurance for HIV positive individuals are approved – the cost would be comparable to policies that are offered to people with some forms of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Your term life insurance policy will be table rated with a flat extra charge.

This means that the policies won’t be inexpensive and will cost more than standard term life insurance rates.

Want to get sample rates?

Here’s how:

Use our “INSTANT LIFE INSURANCE QUOTER”  Select 10 or 15 year term & $100,000 or more. Choose “Standard” as your health class rating. Locate the quotes from Prudential, American National, Symetra, Americo & John Hancock and multiply by 200%.

A table rating simply adds approximately 25% to every table above standard. So if your health condition was a Table Rating 1 (or Table A), you would add 25% to the Standard rate.

We’re seeing a Table 8 (or Table H) rating for life insurance for HIV positive people. and with a Flat Extra.

The HIV term life options will be a significant upgrade from minimal and basic coverage that typically comes with a Guaranteed Issue policy.

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