National Life Group Life Insurance Review

About National Life Group

Looking for some history on NLG? The mutual firm known as National Life Group (National Life Insurance Company) was founded in the mid-1800s.  Based in Vermont, founders from multiple states came together with the intent to sell policies all over the U.S.

As of 2017, NLG has followed through on its objective.  Almost 800,000 customers trust NLG for their insurance needs.

National Life Group Insurance Reviews

In 2012, the company earned approximately $1.7 billion. The organization staffs approximately 900 people with offices not just in Vermont, but in California and New York, too.

In addition to insurance, NLG also provides investment and financial products, which includes annuities.

The company also actively engages with charitable groups.

They have also founded the National Life Group Charitable Giving Foundation, which coordinates community initiatives to help local charities. Because it’s a mutual firm, every customer of NLG is a partial owner of the NLG company.

As such, any profits over the business’ operating expenses are returned to the services offered. Agents and financial representatives in sales networks all over the U.S. sell NLG’s insurance policies.

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