What Is A.M. Best Rating For Insurance?

A.M Best

The A.M. Best Company is often seen as the top financial and insurance companies ratings firm. There are several others, but A.M. Best is the gold standard.

A.M. Best gives consumers the ability to quickly research who are the best life insurance companies in the marketplace. 

It’s a good thing too. Do you want to research the 800+ life insurance companies in the United States? …I don’t either.

They did all our homework for us. A.M. Best ranks and grades the majority of companies for shoppers like you. It also allows the life insurance companies to see where they need to improve.

What is A.M. Best Rating?

The A.M. Best Rating is their grading system. It is a grading scale based on a company’s financial strength and financial future. 

Here’s a common situation…

You’re comparing 3 life insurance companies that are competitively priced. Who do you choose?

Look at their A.M. Best Rating and see who has the best grade. You’ll be able to quickly see which companies have an excellent rating and which carriers are struggling.

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